NEWS: The Blue Room Season 2 – first 2 shows announced

Good news folks, The Blue Room has let leak their first two shows of Season 2, and here’s the scoop:

tremblinggiantwebresThe Trembling Giant

Produced by: Those Who Love You

Written and Directed by: Monty Sallur

Featuring: Peter Lane Townsend and Zoe Street

Dates: 9-27 August

Synopsis:The Trembling Giant is a shocking take on a world where natural resources are coveted, information is currency and the air is poisonous. A world that is, perhaps, not too far away. The story is told through the eyes of Margot and Flint, who believe change starts with a seed. A seed that brings life, a seed that brings a tree. But it’s not easy caring for the world’s most valued resource when the stakes are your life and not everyone is ready to give theirs away so easily.”

What we’re looking forward to: Who doesn’t love a good eco-drama? You would have seen Peter Lane Townsend recently in Belated, Under This Sun in 2015, and Elephents in 2014, so expect this to be another solid performance from him. Earlier this year the group produced The Secret Garden Project at Fringe World, and there are plenty of multi-disciplinary emerging artists involved, so this production shows a lot of promise.

idoidontwebresI Do I Don’t

Produced by: Winky Productions

Written and Performed by: Whitney Richards

Directed by: Rachel Chant

Dates: 16 August – 3 September

Synopsis: “Whitney Richards doesn’t remember her childhood. All her memories are hand-me-downs, photographs and things she’s been told by other people, but nothing feels quite right. Bringing together interviews with family members and photographs lost and found, this is a story about a woman’s search for answers, shining a light on our optimism in the wake of trauma. Coming straight from Fringe audiences in Montreal and Winnipeg, I Do I Don’t is a story about hope and survival, for everyone with a less-than-nuclear family – and a secret love of pop songs and sequins.”

What we’re looking forward to: Whitney Richards has been one of Perth’s success stories as an actor, delivering some acclaimed performances here and beyond, so it will be great to get up close and personal with her. It’s always special when artists bring their shows home.

Tickets for The Trembling Giant and I Do I Don’t are on sale now at The Blue Room website here. The full August-December program will be officially launched on Wednesday 27 July. Tickets to the remaining six shows will go on sale on this date.