REVIEW: Multiverse Theory in D | Ellandar

Image by Eileen Devereux

Jessica Messenger’s new play with song is a response to the question “What if?” And not just any old “What if?” but the “What if” that presupposes that there are alternate universes and that we could somehow travel between them and see what our lives could have been like if we had made different choices. It’s not nearly a groundbreaking concept, but it’s one we always love exploring through literature, film, and of course theatre. Who wouldn’t enjoy taking a little peek into their other lives?

Naomi (Erin J. Hutchinson) is turning 30 and she’s at a crossroads, so suddenly being catapulted into a couple of alternate universes should help, right? Well, not exactly. By seeing her life on two other trajectories, she finds out that the grass might not be greener anywhere else. She sees her life as a sexually fluid jazz singer and encounters problems with her best friend, Tegan (Esther Longhurst), who is now her lover. And she sees her life as a wife to ex-boyfriend (now husband) Robbie (Nick Maclaine), and simply can’t adjust to being a new mother or the fact that her real-life boyfriend Jonathan (Josh Walker) is now a midwife dating her best friend.

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