NEWS: Expresstival 2015


Get diverse, Perth!

Expresstival is happening tomorrow, Saturday 17 October from 1:30 – 7pm at Forrest Place, Perth. Free for all ages, and some fantastic artists are involved.



Phil Walley-Stack’s STRONG is on, in case you missed him at the Astor last Friday.




MC Trooth will be performing, and the theatre crowd might remember him from Class Act Theatre‘s 2014 hip hop adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet.


Ruby Smedley’s work for CHOO CHOO’s window at Perth Fashion Festival. It was the winning window.


And emerging artist Ruby Smedley will be painting live at the event. Theatre crowds might know her from her scenic painting work with Black Swan.


“From what began as a grassroots movement to help the disadvantaged through music and art, Expresstival has grown to become the highlight event of Anti-Poverty Week in Western Australia. Expresstival will place on the 17th October in Forrest Place in the CBD Perth from 1:30pm to 7pm.

Now in its fourth year, Expresstival is a unique event which brings together music and the arts to provide a platform for young people of WA to engage with community support groups and mentors.

By engaging people through music and art, Expresstival gives the community an opportunity to engage with the issues associated with poverty in a non-confronting way. The festival’s purpose is to build awareness, encourage connectedness and stimulate conversations between those of different cultural, ethnic and social backgrounds. This is particularly important given 33% of the Western Australian population is born overseas.

For more information and a complete list of artists and performers, go to or visit their Facebook page and Facebook event page.