REVIEW: Lord of the Dance | Dangerous Games

Tom Cunningham and Morgan Comer. Photo – Brian Doherty

“We’ve come too far to be second best,” booms the voice of Michael Flatley during the pre-show trailer at Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games. This short film contains approximately three to five minutes of Flatley touting his achievements as Lord of the Dance over the last twenty years, tooting his own horn, as he is wont to do. And for good reason, too; Lord of the Dance’s popularity never seems to wane, and audiences flock in droves to see this sparkly spectacle of clacking feet and waving tresses.

Somehow I have gone all these twenty years under his Lordship without experiencing this Irish dancing phenomenon first-hand, though it’s hard to escape its influence in popular culture. Now that his army of Celtic high-steppers are at Crown theatre, I had a look in. And while I was impressed with some aspects of the show, I have to admit that for a good portion of the time, I was preoccupied by one particular thing that lessened my potential awe: is the tapping pre-recorded?

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