REVIEW: The Fever and the Fret | Yirra Yaakin

Yirra Yaakin has produced a gorgeous world premiere by first-time playwright Jub Clerc. Her debut play is The Fever and the Fret and it is a beautiful ode to loss, love and memory. Directed by Yirra Yaakin artistic director Kyle Morrison and starring Irma Woods, Ebony McGuire and Kelton Pell, this story of a family in gentle turmoil bursts with heart, soul and laughter.

Iggy (Kelton Pell) and Ruby (Irma Woods) are grandparents to Lizzy (Ebony McGuire). Lizzy’s mother is long gone, a memory for Lizzy to embellish while in the care of her loving grandparents. Iggy and Ruby are facing a dilemma; Iggy wants to sell their house in search of a better life (thus demonstrating that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, with regards to his absentee daughter) while Ruby wants to stay put. The house holds all of her family’s memories, it is where her heart lives, and she couldn’t bear to leave it behind.


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