REVIEW: Gudirr Gudirr | Marrugeku and Yirra Yaakin




Gudirr Gudirr by Dalisa Pigram and Marrugeku Theatre turns struggle into triumph. Pigram, the unique force who has created and co-choreographed Gudirr Gudirr, also performs in this hour-long dance theatre missive that addresses a multitude of Australia’s sins and sorrows.Gudirr Gudirr is the perfect balance of political, visceral, and intellectual; and guess what – it’s also funny.

Pigram and her Belgian director/co-choreographer Koen Augustijnen make the most of Pigram’s special style, which is a delicate blend of precise muscular control and grace. They incorporate elements of martial arts, gymnastics, aerial acrobatics, dance floor moves and traditional Indigenous movements, creating a portrait in action of some of Australia’s deepest, oldest, and most current cultural rifts. It may seem a lot to tackle in one hour-long dance work, but Pigram and Augustijnen are clever and savvy creators, and they weave themes and ideas together seamlessly.

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