REVIEW: Under This Sun | The Emergence Co. | The Blue Room

Photo by Jamie Breen

There comes a time in independent theatre when a team of artists is gently nudged along a serendipitous path to create something special and unique. Their work is a telling display of the bright ideas and sincere intentions churning away in their hearts and minds. Their product seems effortless, uncluttered by pretense, and clear as a bell; it manages to cut through the dense space between audience and artist to make connections. Under This Sun is one such production.

Director/Producer Warwick Doddrell has apparently been stealthily plugging away at his career, and cites a background in physical theatre and film training. He and his three performers have developed something that embraces a gentle fluidity between theatrical styles.Under This Sun is poetic in all senses, visual, literal, and sonic, and the team is entirely comfortable diving into the mix and using all the tools available to them as artists.

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