INTERVIEW: Jenna Robertson and OperaBox

In my quest to investigate all the independent theatre companies and theatre makers in Perth, I noticed that one of the directors I had previously interviewed, Sarah McKellar of North Sea Boat Terminals, was directing an opera for an independent opera company called OperaBox. I immediately wanted to know how on earth Perth could sustain an independent opera company, so I set about getting in touch with OperaBox and was told that Jenna Robertson was the woman to speak to.

Jenna Robertson is one of the six founding members of OperaBox and has performed in each of the four operas they have produced since 2011. For their latest work, Hansel & Gretel, she is also stepping into the role of producer. Jenna, a Scottish expat and chemical engineer by training, is currently on leave from that career to pursue her artistic ambitions. She originally trained in Scotland, but considers herself an Australian singer now, as her vocal style has flourished under the guidance of Australian opera singer Jolanta Nagajek.


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