REVIEW: Circus Oz | Cranked Up

Circus Oz, you had me at hello. You completely changed the atmosphere at the Maj from Edwardian playhouse to playful madhouse. 

A normal night in the lobby of the Maj can feel like a madhouse on its own; they haven’t quite got the layout right, even after all these years, so getting to the bar for some chocolate and a bubbly can prove to be a risky venture which could result in a smashed toe or being thwacked by a swinging handbag. To add another level of creative chaos to the affair, Circus Oz put a couple of saxophonists in amongst the milling patrons, playing what my memory wants to classify as New Orleans Mardi Gras music. To be sure, it certainly felt like we were making our way down Bourbon Street as we jostled through the doors.
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